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Case Neuroscience Society is available to all students, regardless of your major or interests. In other words, you don't have to be a Neuroscience major to get involved! Check out our team page to see our member's wide range of majors and minors.

Neuroscience Path

What careers are there for Neuroscience? What can a student with a BS in Neuroscience do after undergrad? What if I want to major in Neuroscience but don't want to go to Medical School?

These are all great questions. While the majority of Neuroscience majors at CWRU pursue a pre-med or pre-health path, it is by far not the only path Neuroscience majors follow.

Check out our Resources page for information on other unique paths as a Neuroscience major!

"There are a lot of ways to implement neuroscience major into a flourishing law practice. If you prefer healthcare law, being knowledgeable about the environment you’re working in as well as the profession of the people you resent can be a big help when your help is needed. While you most definitely will not have the same knowledge, having at least some can already put you leagues ahead. Another area of law that can be supported is criminal law. Your understanding of neuroscience information could greatly impact a case you are working on. At its core, Neuro-Law is more connected than many would think. Having a better understanding of our brains can greatly impact all walks of life, law included"

~ Shivansh Patel (Neuroscience, Pre-law)

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