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September 6th

Dr. Mooney Pizza Party

We had a great time discussing college, careers, and songbirds with Duke Professor Dr. Mooney over pizza!

September 20th

Jeopardy Night

Fun competition showcasing diverse aspects of neuroscience!

October 4th

Careers in Neuroscience

Dr. Nemes and Dr. Niemi gave a thorough and insightful presentation on neuroscience career paths! Link to the presentation here.

October 18th

Journal Club

A chill talk about some research articles over Cilantro dinner and some jazz music.

November 1st

Arts & Crafts Night

Learned about neuroanatomy while coloring in brain structures!

November 2nd

Neuroanatomy Demo

Students got to touch real human brains while learning about the brain's anatomy with Dr. Crofton!

November 8th

Neurosurgery Presentation

Dr. Rammo gave a talk on his journey in becoming a neurosurgeon, as well as some of the medical procedures that he performs.

January 31st

Game Night

Played a fun anatomy game over cookies from Insomnia!


October 3rd

Walk to End Alzheimer's

We raised over $250 for the Walk to End Alzheimer's Fundraiser at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, supporting Alzheimer's research and awareness.

November 2nd

Capstone Presentations

Huge thanks to Sam, Liam, and Bryan for presenting their lab work and sharing their experience on their senior capstones!

November 7th

Neuroanatomy Demo

CNS got to see and touch real human brains with Dr. Andrew Crofton!


October 3rd

Walk to End Alzheimer's

We raised money for this Alzheimer's fundraiser at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!

November 22nd

Neuroanatomy Demo

We met with Dr. Andrew R. Crofton to experience a hands-on neuroanatomy demo!

March 30th

On Being a Neurosurgeon

Dr. Richard Rammo gave a talk on his work and what it's like to be a neurosurgeon!

April 7th

"Helping Another in Distress: Lessons from Rats"

Dr. Peggy Mason from the University of Chicago gave a talk at CNS: here's a link to the recording.

April 10th

Spring Banquet

Honoring the graduates in neuroscience with CWRU students and faculty speakers!